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Wednesday, 30 April 2014 00:00

Vanguard Africa

Over-reliance on oil cause of economic hardship in Nigeria

In this interview with Dr Alim Abubakre, CEO, These Executive Minds, TEXEM, he talks about the need for visionary and focused leadership, especially in an atmosphere of dwindling resources. Specifically, Dr. Abubakre discusses the coming executive programme being packaged by Alliance Manchester Business School and TEXEM, and why business, political and leaders of thought need to participate.


What are some of the strategic Leadership issues facing Nigeria?

A strategic leadership issue facing Nigerian executives is poor vision, sometimes when leaders have visions those visions are unrealistic. Another is indecision and limited capacity to make good decisions. Sometimes when decisions are made they are usually devoid of fundamentals but informed by sentiments. Also, lack of self-awareness and poor communication skills is a strategic leadership deficit that many Nigerian executives face. Another is poor succession planning and lack of continuity. If strategic leadership issues are addressed, the country has huge potential to add immense value and move beyond jobless growth to inclusive growth that creates real value and provide quality jobs for its citizenry.

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Vanguard Africa prepares for economic growth

WE live in volatile times. With economies all around the world caving in on them, causing ripple effects that spread throughout our increasingly global planet, investors and governments alike are frantically searching for signs of hope. And many are finding that hope in a region with its own share of rocky histories and failed economies.

AfricaAfrica: A continent of 54 unique countries, it has certainly seen its share of upheavals. But now it is becoming a land of opportunities as it experiences the highest rates of return on investment found anywhere in the developing world and many of the fastest growing economies on the planet.

But are Africa's private and public organisations ready for the challenges to come? "These Executive Minds" (TEXEM), is a world class executive training institution that believes they are and is prepared to help senior execs expand their skills in an effort to face the future.

TEXEM in partnership with first-class institutions provides select capacity development programmes that draw from real-world organisational scenarios taking place in the world's top institutions and condenses these lessons into fast-paced programmes that top executives can use to soak up new skills swiftly and bring back home to implement in the developing world right away.

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TEXEM organises master class for CEOs, others

In response to the current tough economic climate, TEXEM(These Executive Minds),a United Kingdom service based social enterprise focusing on the executive education market by partnering with major global enterprises and top business universities organised an executive master class for CEOs and senior executives from the private and public sector in Nigeria. The programme tagged Executive Master Class:Beyond Survival,Developing Winning Strategies in Turbulent Times,Public and Private Sector Perspectives held at the British Deputy High Commissioner’s Residence Lagos, on the 11th of August, 2016.


Adetutu Otuyalo, Corporate Sales Manager, British Airways Nigeria Rt. Hon. Mark Simmonds, Deputy Chair of Commonwealth Investment Council and Privy to Queen of UK Dr Alim Abubakre, CEO, TEXEM, UK Prof Rodria Laline, Visiting Professor, Harvard, Insead and IESE At British Deputy High Commissioner’s Residence during TEXEM’s Executive Master class on the 11th of August in Lagos.

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Strategic issues leaders of Nigerian organisations should focus on – Carpenter

Clive Carpenter is Vice Chairman, Business Council for Africa, UK. An international banker and company director with track record in management at board level, Carpenter and Prof. Emeritus Andrew Chambers, a former Dean of Cass Business School, are due to deliver. These Minds Executives (TEXEM) lecture entitled, ‘Strategic leadership for results-driven change management in a recession’, at the British Deputy High Commissioner’s residence on May 24 and 25. In this interview, he speaks on TEXEM and its objectives. What can a leader do to achieve business growth in turbulent times? Even in the worst economic climate, some businesses will thrive. Each business must endeavour to carve a niche for itself which gives it some advantage over its competitors and meets the needs of its customers and other stakeholders. Change must be constant to keep one step ahead of the market. Today’s success story may be tomorrow’s disaster if change is not ongoing. A leader must drive the change programme taking into account the views of all stakeholders and ensuring that it is a collaborative effort which has ‘buy in’ at all levels and not simply dictated. Differentiation from competitors is very important – it might come from products, prices, quality of people, etc. but there must be one or more things which differentiate you from the rest


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"The event brought together an interesting and diverse set of views on Green Entrepreneurs. It highlighted the enormous opportunities that exist both for those interested in creating their own ...
Trewin Restorick (CEO Global Action Plan)
"It was a genuine pleasure working with ‘These Young Minds’ on their recent event at Cambridge University . The topics presented and panel questions on the transition to the low carbon economy ...
Sak Nayagam (Managing Director, Climate Change Services Europe, Accenture)
I like everything about the programme. I am moved by the passion for imparting knowledge, so much that even at dinner time, we had intellectually stimulating experiences. It has been knowledge ...
Al Hassan Yusuf, (Senior Human Resources Manager, Media Trusts)
Executive Development programme at Oxford was perfectly conducted-The Faculty were very high profile with excellent communication skills. The tours were educative, informative and enlightening.
Hon Tijanni Ibrahim Kiyawa (Member House of Assembly, Federal Republic of Nigeria)
"I am very fascinated by the speakers and the different approaches to such a complex issue and we need to continue this."
Dr Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley (Business Innovation Manager, InCrops)
Highly Interactive and very practical. High profile speakers with excellent pedigree and track record of professional achievements. Provided networking among participants.
Dayo Babatunde (Senior Partner, Ernst and Young, Nigeria)
The partnership with a reputable institution and the timing of the topic very apt.
Wuraola Oduntan, (Head of Sales, Virgin Atlantic)
I regard the These Executive Minds Executive Education programme as the best I have attended in recent times. Not one of them, but the very best as it was humanly perfect
Peter Atolo Irene, (Executive Director Finance & Admin, Union Assurance)
"I truly enjoyed the evening, great speakers and good questions from the audience. So thank you for the invite!"
Stine Jensen (The Bigger Picture’ Manager, Sky)
Fantastic, purposeful and educative-Well delivered and highly relevant.
Salami Liadi Olagoke (Accountant General, Oyo State)

Highly interactive and very practical. High profile speakers with excellent pedigree and track record of professional achievements. Provided networking among participants.

Dayo Babatunde (Senior Partner, Ernst and Young, Nigeria)