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Sunday, 16 March 2014 00:00

Carpenter: Strategic Leadership is Pivotal to Achieving Result-Driven Change Management

Clive Carpenter is the Vice Chairman, Business Council for Africa, UK. He is an international banker and company director with a proven track record in management at board level. He has specialist skills operating in Kenya and Nigeria, countries with which he maintains extensive contacts at all levels. In this interview, he shares actionable insights on how leaders can develop skill sets to better govern their organisations. Excerpts:

Tell us about TEXEM

These Executive Minds (TEXEM) pride themselves on their ability to customise programmes for their clients and TEXEM have a deep understanding of Africa. Also, TEXEM and its world class faculty partners have a very good grasp of contextual realities of Africa vis-à-vis fragile institutions, resource dependence, limited infrastructure and the huge size of government. TEXEM’s forthcoming programme on Strategic Leadership for Results Driven Change Management would be delivered by me and Professor Andrew Chambers (Professor Emeritus and Former Dean of Cass Business School) at the British Deputy High Commissioner’s residence on the 24th and 25th of May.


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Through TEXEM, Nigerian Executives Will Develop Strategic Leadership Skills

Prof. Andrew Chambers has always had a foot firmly in the business school world and the business world – both in leadership capacities. He was Dean (CEO) of the leading Cass Business School, London. At Cass he taught a highly acclaimed double module on organisational behaviour (including leadership) to 200 executives. In the business world he has been a board member of a FTSE250 financial institution, and a number of charities and private companies. He also chaired the board of a fast-growing software company and had served under good and bad chairs of boards, observing what has made them successful or not. In this interview, he speaks on how leaders can develop skillsets to better govern their organisations . Excerpts.


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Chambers: Through TEXEM, Nigerian Executives Could Develop Strategic Leadership for Change Management

Professor Andrew Chambers is a Professor Emeritus and former Dean, Cass Business School. In this interview, he spoke on how leaders can develop skillsets to better govern their organisations and about the forthcoming programme organised by TEXEM on Strategic Leadership for results driven change management scheduled to come up between 24th and 25th May in Lagos. Excerpts:

You are a Professor Emeritus and former Dean at the Cass Business School; what business models can Nigerian entrepreneurs adopt to improve their businesses?

To some extent it depends on the nature of the innovative business idea. Behind every successful entrepreneur you will find audacity, dexterity in maximising ambiguity, long hours, and passionate dedication – what sociologists would call ‘deferred gratification’. The gratification is in the obsession to make a success of the venture-All these skill-sets are encompassed by strategic leadership and optimising performance which TEXEM’s forthcoming programme on Strategic Leadership for Results Driven Management at the British Deputy High Commissioner’s residence in Lagos on 24 & 25 May would cover-Please visit for more information. One reason start-ups may fail is that the entrepreneur becomes distracted by other interests. At a practical level, you must watch your cash flow with the eyes of a hawk.
You are likely to need mentoring and financial support – maybe in the shape of a business angel or venture capital. Listen to what they say, but be cautious of accepting advice and support you are uneasy about.

How can our leaders come up with fresh ideas to move the nation’s economy forward?

There are multiple examples elsewhere in the world of novel business ideas that have succeeded recently or are set fair to succeed soon: look hard at them and learn from them. You don’t have to be completely original with your ‘fresh idea’. Bear in mind that good marketing persuades potential customers they need your product or service – even if, to start with, they don’t see the point. We can think of many good leaders today who have the charisma not only to motivate their staff, but also to persuade their potential customers. Attend training programmes organised by TEXEM where you would have the opportunity to challenge assumptions, learn from over nine hundred years of participants’ experience and gain insights into how organisations in other industries in Nigeria and beyond are generating fresh ideas and converting these to superlative performance.


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Texem Organises An Executive Masterclass For Senior Executives

For organizations to survive in challenging times, the like of what we have in Nigeria, Leadership performance has to be enhanced beyond the ordinary. In line with this, TEXEM, a United Kingdom based enterprise focusing on executive education organized yet another executive masterclass for CEOs and other top executives both in the Private and Government organizations.
The programme which was titled Leadership for High Performance in difficult times was held on the 9th of March, 2017 at Intercontinental hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos. The executive programme was facilitated by Professor Neal Hartman, Head of Managerial Communications at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

The programme commenced at about 8am with the accreditation and registration of the delegates. The welcome address was delivered by the British Deputy High Commissioner H.E Laure Beaufils and the opening remarks was delivered by Dr Alim Abubakre, CEO, TEXEM, UK.

Delegates who were in attendance include senior executives from Airtel, UBA, AGLeventis, Nigeria Breweries, Swisstrade, FUG Pensions, Gas Stock among others. The themes covered includes leading in times of success and in crisis, improving leadership performance, building a high performance culture, high performance influence and persuasion driven change, the mindset of high performance negotiating and conflict management. Professor Neal Hartman of MIT Sloan School of Management delivered the lecture with the aim of increasing the participants’ ability to achieve communication objectives and leadership goals, and increasing the ability to achieve desired response from the team.
The programme ended at 5pm with the presentation of certificates to the delegates by Ahmed Bashir OBE who is the Director of Department of International Trade, British High Commission.

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How can Nigerian executives be strategic leaders during this recession?

It is no longer news that our great country Nigeria is currently going through economic challenges. Economists have established the fact that Nigeria has officially entered a recession for the first time in more than two decades. Going by the figures released by the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Africa’s biggest economy has contracted for a second consecutive quarter in 2016. Companies are downsizing their workforce; staff morale is low and there is a lot of uncertainty within its political and economic landscape. This brings us to the question – Where do we go from here?

Following the 2008 global financial meltdown, Rahm Emmanuel, an American politician who served as President Barack Obama’s Chief of staff after the 2008 presidential election told a conference of chief executive, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste”. He said “This crisis provides the opportunity for us to do things we could not do before”. As it is often said, History always repeats itself. This economic recession is not any different. The crisis itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Nigeria is presented with a “wonderful” opportunity to reinvent itself during this downswing. In fact, the country has been given an opportunity that few ever receive. There is a long list of countries in recession trying to attack the problems by trading blames and failing at it. Sometimes, companies and business leaders need a jolt, and low commodity prices- which led the recession – was a serious jolt. It gives us a chance to reexamine everything we know and do. However, there is a paradox to this logic. We know as earlier stated, during economic turmoil, great leaders seize crisis to remake organization – but how is this possible? How can an organization seize the possibilities created by economic crisis?

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How to Boost Executives’ Leadership Quotient in a Recession

In this interview, world renowned academic, Professor Nigel Nicholson of London Business School, speaks on how, in partnership with These Executive Minds (TEXEM), they are boosting Nigerian executives’ Leadership quotient in a recession. Excerpts

Tell us about TEXEM?

These Executive Minds (TEXEM) pride themselves on their ability to customise programmes for their clients and TEXEM have a deep understanding of Africa

Also, Texem and its world class faculty partners have a very good grasp of contextual realities of Africa vis-à-vis fragile institutions, limited infrastructure and the huge size of government.

Tell us about the programme Strategic Leadership Risk Management and Effective Governance coming up on the 27th of October 2016 at the British Deputy High Commissioner’s residence, Lagos:

Decision makers are in positions of huge uncertainty and vulnerability which is underscored by the deepening economic crisis, stiff competitive landscape and haphazard trends in Government /Governance in recent times. There is an urgent need for senior executives to take a strategic approach to combating the myriad of challenges that they face. Thus, the Executive Master Class would change their cognitive orientation in the areas of strategic leadership, enterprise risk management and effective governance so as to build economic sustainability in these times of recession and beyond. The themes that would be covered during this programme include: 1.Board Leadership in Turbulent Times: The board as a secure base. 2. Overcoming Board Blind spots and developing a meaningful role. 3. New Trends in Strategic Thinking: Probe, Sense and React/Internal competitions /Focus Responses. 4. Preparing boards for the unavoidable unanticipated occurrences and crisis that they may face .

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TEXEM Partners Global Enterprises, Organises Executive Master Class

In response to the current tough economic climate, TEXEM (These Executive Minds), a United Kingdom service based social enterprise focusing on the executive education market by partnering with major global enterprises and top business universities organised an executive master class for CEOs and senior executives from the private and public sector in Nigeria. The programme tagged Executive Master Class: Beyond Survival, Developing Winning Strategies in Turbulent Times, Public and Private Sector Perspectives held at the British Deputy High Commissioner’s Residence Lagos, on the 11th of August, 2016.

The one day programme was facilitated by three members of TEXEM faculty; Professor Rodria Laline, a visiting Professor of Harvard, Insead, IESE and Chair of the Interbond Capital. Rt. Hon. Mark Simmonds, Deputy Chair, Commonwealth Investment Council, Privy to the Queen of UK and Former Foreign and Commonwealth Minister with responsibility for Africa, the Caribbean ,Conflict Prevention and International Energy. Nic Northcote, Partner at McKinsey & Company and Dr Fiyinfolu Oladiran, Partner at McKinsey based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The British Deputy High Commissioner delivered the opening address and joined in the presentation of the certificates to delegates.


Adetutu Otuyalo, Corporate Sales Manager, British Airways Nigeria Rt. Hon. Mark Simmonds, Deputy Chair of Commonwealth Investment Council and Privy to Queen of UK Dr Alim Abubakre, CEO, TEXEM, UK Prof Rodria Laline, Visiting Professor, Harvard, Insead and IESE At British Deputy High Commissioner's Residence during TEXEM's Executive Master class on the 11th of August in Lagos.

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Oxford University Holds Devt Programme for Executives

In response to emerging opportunities and challenges, TEXEM and the University of Oxford's Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment have concluded plans to provide an executive development programme for senior executives.

The four day programme – "Transformations in Governance, Creating Sustainable Solutions" – will deliver senior public and private sector leaders with the core competencies necessary to capitalise on emerging trends.

The tailored executive education programme contains modules in strategic management, adaptive leadership, public sector innovation, principled negotiation, political innovation and sustainability.

During the programmee, participants will learn how to create and apply "public value propositions" that command legitimacy from a variety of stakeholders.

Delivered by leading academics at the University of Oxford, the programme will provide valuable insights into the social, political and environmental context in which organisationsoperate.

In a statement from the organisers made available to THISDAY, participants in the programme that is planned between April 14 and 17 this year in Oxford will be exposed to a fresh perspective on existing management models and learning from innovative practices utilised by leading organisations and practitioners.

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"I truly enjoyed the evening, great speakers and good questions from the audience. So thank you for the invite!"
Stine Jensen (The Bigger Picture’ Manager, Sky)
The partnership with a reputable institution and the timing of the topic very apt.
Wuraola Oduntan, (Head of Sales, Virgin Atlantic)
I like everything about the programme. I am moved by the passion for imparting knowledge, so much that even at dinner time, we had intellectually stimulating experiences. It has been knowledge ...
Al Hassan Yusuf, (Senior Human Resources Manager, Media Trusts)
Executive Development programme at Oxford was perfectly conducted-The Faculty were very high profile with excellent communication skills. The tours were educative, informative and enlightening.
Hon Tijanni Ibrahim Kiyawa (Member House of Assembly, Federal Republic of Nigeria)
Highly Interactive and very practical. High profile speakers with excellent pedigree and track record of professional achievements. Provided networking among participants.
Dayo Babatunde (Senior Partner, Ernst and Young, Nigeria)
Fantastic, purposeful and educative-Well delivered and highly relevant.
Salami Liadi Olagoke (Accountant General, Oyo State)
I regard the These Executive Minds Executive Education programme as the best I have attended in recent times. Not one of them, but the very best as it was humanly perfect
Peter Atolo Irene, (Executive Director Finance & Admin, Union Assurance)
"I am very fascinated by the speakers and the different approaches to such a complex issue and we need to continue this."
Dr Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley (Business Innovation Manager, InCrops)
"The event brought together an interesting and diverse set of views on Green Entrepreneurs. It highlighted the enormous opportunities that exist both for those interested in creating their own ...
Trewin Restorick (CEO Global Action Plan)
"It was a genuine pleasure working with ‘These Young Minds’ on their recent event at Cambridge University . The topics presented and panel questions on the transition to the low carbon economy ...
Sak Nayagam (Managing Director, Climate Change Services Europe, Accenture)

Highly interactive and very practical. High profile speakers with excellent pedigree and track record of professional achievements. Provided networking among participants.

Dayo Babatunde (Senior Partner, Ernst and Young, Nigeria)